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For Members

+ What about my membership? Does it transfer?

Your existing FireRescue GPO (NPPGov) membership does not transfer to Sourcewell. A separate membership and member number is required.

+ How do I join Sourcewell? Is there a fee?

If you are not already a Sourcewell member, complete this form to enroll. A confirmation email will be sent once your registration is processed.

+ How do I check if my organization is already a Sourcewell member?

Visit Sourcewell’s Member Lookup page and use the search function to see if your organization is already a Sourcewell member. If your organization is a member and you’d like to be added as a contact on the account, select the “Add a contact for your organization” link after locating your organization.

+ What if I am already a Sourcewell member?

No further action is required.  Your existing Sourcewell membership will allow you to take advantage of the FireRescue GPO and Sourcewell partnership.

+ I am not a fire department or public safety agency. Can I still purchase from Sourcewell contracts?

Yes! Sourcewell is open to all types of government, education, and nonprofit organizations.

+ What contracts are available through Sourcewell?

Sourcewell has over 325 competitively awarded contracts. View all Sourcewell contracts

+ What if I am currently making purchases through existing FireRescue GPO (NPPGov) contracts?

All contracts are still active and available.  Those that are held by Public Procurement Authority (PPA) will remain active for their current term though additional extension options will not be exercised.  To find out which contracts are held by PPA and what the termination dates are, visit the PPA website.

+ Who do I contact for more information?

Western Fire Chiefs Association
Teila Leighton

Crosby Grindle

For Vendors

+ What happens to my existing FireRescue GPO (NPPGov) contract?

All contracts are still active and available but are not transferrable to Sourcewell. If your contract is held by Public Procurement Authority (PPA) it will remain active through its current term and no additional extension options will be exercised.  PPA will provide notice for each contract it holds.  For a list of PPA contracts and termination dates, visit the PPA website.

+ How do I get a Sourcewell contract?

Sourcewell contracts are established through a competitive solicitation process.  New solicitations continuously become available. All vendors are encouraged to respond to a Sourcewell solicitation for the chance to be awarded a Sourcewell contract.

Upcoming Sourcewell public safety solicitations include:

  • Public Safety Video Surveillance
  • Firefighting Equipment
  • Firefighting Personal Protective Equipment
  • Critical Care and Resuscitation Equipment
  • Public Safety Body Armor            

View all open and pending Sourcewell solicitations

+ How do I get notified of Sourcewell solicitations?

Register for Sourcewell’s Procurement Portal to be notified of solicitation opportunities via email.  During registration you can select commodity codes for the equipment, products, and services that you would like to receive notifications for.

+ What should I do if I already have a Sourcewell contract?

Contact your Sourcewell Contract Administrator to discuss ways to take advantage of the new FireRescue GPO and Sourcewell partnership.

+ Who do I contact for more information?

Public Procurement Authority

Crosby Grindle

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